“Is it not the money I worked hard for?” – Chika Ike defends her excessive spending

Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike, known for flaunting her luxurious lifestyle and excessive spending, is hitting back at critics, who went in on her for posting photos from her trip to Dubai on Instagram.
In a recent interview with the SUN newspaper, Chika Ike said;
 “Usually, every year, I take a vacation, because I feel  having worked so hard all through , I deserve a break.   As they say, all work and no play makes “Chika a dull girl”.
 ”I just had to take a time out and whenever I do, I make sure I rest very well. I don’t know why it has been all over the whole nation, but I had fun.”
Dismissing the misconception of having a bigwig sponsoring her, Chika said “Whose money? Is it not the money I worked hard for? Did anybody give me? I have worked hard and I deserved every bit of the luxury I enjoyed over there and I can proudly say that. I will do it over and over again because I deserve it.”
On handling male admirers, “Everybody wants to date me, marry me, be my best friend, etc but I just have to draw a line and respect myself. What kind of man would you like to settle down with? The key is happiness. I don’t want to say a God fearing, kind, lovely, tall man etc. Those are clichés. I just need someone who will understand me and make me happy.”
Speaking further on her past marriage, “I have learnt to be patient and that there’s a limit to everything. I have also learnt that I deserve the best and no one should make me feel better than who I am. I’ve also learnt to forgive and let go.”
Chika Ike has featured in over fifty movies and was recently awarded as the most disciplined Actress by the AGN.


  1. Duke of Hazard(Esq)

    February 4, 2014 at 5:36 am

    If she’s that disciplined,I give to her, girl u rock. Pls keep it up and leave those hawks in that industry

  2. Oladiti Atm

    February 4, 2014 at 3:48 pm

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