Omotola Ekehinde’s husband shares great advise on how to make a marriage work

Even though he is always by her side cheering her on, you hardly hear him speak.
omotola and hubby
However Capt. Ekehinde recently opened up to Entertainment Express on what it feels like to be married to Omotola and also gave tips on how to make a marriage work.
See excerpts below:

One thing that has been working for us as a couple is that I always encourage her to be who she wants to be. I give her full support always.

Lots of married women that are caught cheating on their husbands could be traced to the fact that some of their husbands don’t allow them explore their talents. I encourage my wife and kids to be what they want to be.

Most of the influential men and women we have in this world didn’t even go to school. So it is all about exploiting your talents.

Some women love acting but their husbands won’t let them believing that other men would touch or exploit them sexually. It is all about discipline. Those that want to cheat will cheat; it is all about self control.