“They called Me a Rejected Musician; Now I’ve Taken Over” – Limpopo Master, KCee

Kingsly Okonkwo, better known as KCee, is making waves at the moment but the young man will not forget how he was seen and in fact, labelled a ‘rejected and dejected’ artiste before his fortune later changed. No wonder he is still amazed at the height he has achieved since he went solo a couple of years ago.

In his words: “God, the industry, and my fans suddenly made me a super attraction of the industry. Every single I drop got me more fans, made me more loved, and ranked me a level higher than where the last track stopped. It’s simply amazing.”Having released a number hit singles that have received massive airplay, Kcee said he is all set to launch his debut album – Take Over.

Nobody knows tomorrow, that is the testimony of Kcee, the Limpopo master.

Source: Punch

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