Deported Ghanaian actress, Emelia, claims the bracelet mistakenly fell into her baby carriage

Actress, Emelia Brobbey who has been in the news for an alleged shoplifting incident in London has arrived in Ghana.
She was welcomed at the airport by many colleague actors who came to support her, chanting songs of victory on her arrival.
In a televised press briefing, she refuted the initial reports, explaining that the incident happened when a bracelet accidentally fell into her baby carriage without her knowing it.
“It was until the alarm beeped when I was about leaving the shop, to signify that I had items that I had not paid for on me that I saw it” she explained.
According to her, she explained to the security and even paid for it when the shop attendant asked if she wanted to keep the bracelet.
She hinted that she was pursued later by police after she had given her address because she was perceived to be in the country illegally.
Check out photos from her arrival below:
emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (2) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (3) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (4) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (5) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (6) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (7) emelia brobbey arrives in ghana (8)



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