Keturah Hamilton set to expose Jim Iyke’s “lies”, claims reality show was acted

Jim & Keturah

For a while now, it’s been all over the blogosphere that Jim Iyke is dating beautiful actress, Nadia Buari but his publicist plainly denied  that any romantic relationship was on between them, adding that his official girlfriend and Jamaican babe, Kenturah Hamilton, is still the one.

Well Kenturah has disclosed that she and Jim are no longer an item…oops!

She has issued out a press release refuting the publicist’s claim.  She says she left Jim Iyke because of his bad boy ways and the reality show is fake and she was acting out a script.

Hmm, so the show was scripted yet it’s supposed to be a reality show…smh!

She is also having a press conference in New York on the 29th of April and would tell it all…
Now Keturah is sharing her side of the story via her PR representative, Jenny Garcia of MsMedia Public Relations.

Read the press release below.

Keturah Hamilton, Model, Actress, and Ex-Fiancée of Jim Iyke is ready to tell the real story after the Jim Iyke Unscripted show that was aired on April 17, 2013.

In a world where reality shows are an “In-thing” and bad behavior becomes the A.M. topic to cover, leave it to Jim Iyke Unscripted or better said the “_Scripted_” show to deliver real life drama. The episode that aired on April 17, 2013, did not disappoint the viewers who were glued to their TV’s watching Keturah Hamilton’s role that was none the less excellent! She was really able to bring her character to the next level of entertainment.

Keturah Hamilton had acted out an edgy script of jealousy and rage towards Jim Iyke, that was delivered as well as any actress in Hollywood. Keturah was so good that even her fans were astonished to see how well she acted and was able to challenge Jim on his bad behavior. Boldly, Jim gave Keturah the opportunity to exit the reality show based on the controversial episode. Even though a pre-recorded version of “Kiss and Make-up” was on stand-by to be aired, Keturah already had made her decision.

For the time being, Jim Iyke and Keturah Hamilton are no longer together because in reality, Jim’s bad boy behavior was just too overwhelming for the reality star. Keturah has decided to move on to the bigger and better things that her heart has long been looking to do. She quotes, “I wish Jim well on his show and hope that he matures into the man I always wanted him to be!”

Keturah is currently in a new, reality-based show called “Diamonds in the Rough”. We will see more of Keturah Hamilton on the big screen and on other future projects on the works because as they say, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

So what do you think? It seems like this is all part of the PR plan for the show…it’s working because we are talking about it!

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