Nigerian Bride In Coma After Suicide Attempt Over Deportation From UK

Her name is  May Brown, she’s a Nigerian who resides in the UK and she is 19!
In her suicide note, May wrote:
‘I am deeply sorry that I had to go this way, without even saying goodbye.
‘The UK immigration has finally driven me insane. They’ve pushed me too far this time and I can’t take the pain any more.
‘I don’t want a life or a future you won’t be part of. I love you so much, more than life itself and can’t endure the agony of not being with you.
‘Please forgive me for ending it this way. It’s better to die with my dignity than be subjected to torture and undignified death back in Nigeria.’
She said: ‘If they send me back to Nigeria they are signing my death warrant, they will cut my life short because I will be killed.
‘I have found peace with Michael, he gave me a reason to live. I have got a family here and we don’t claim any benefits.
‘Michael works and I am studying to become a barrister, we have not harmed anybody.’
May Brown is currently in a coma after attempting suicide.  May who is a student of public affairs at Weymouth College moved to the UK three years ago.
She met her husband Michael Brown a year ago and they got married in December 2012.
She applied for asylum in the UK, however, her request was denied.
According to the UK Daily Mail – “Mr Brown, 34, said UK Border Agency officials believe their marriage to be a ‘sham’ with no ‘emotional attachment’.”
While May was due to be deported tomorrow, her husband and mother in-law insist that their marriage is real.


She was so distressed at the prospect of returning to her home country she took an overdose of medication.

In the report on May’s  ordeal via the Daily Mail, her mother in-law outlined reasons why May did not want to return to Nigeria.

Helen-Claire Brown, Ms Brown’s mother-in-law, said the 19-year-old is part of the family and blasted border officials as ‘heartless’


  1. Olowo

    April 25, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    I really dont understand why people think that leaving in the UK is a do or die thing. I really dont understand why she said that she will be killed in Nigeria, who is going to kill you Mrs Brown. If you are a really student on student visa, i dont think you will find yourself in this mess. People are really bad by given Nigeria a bad name in the UK. People are really making it Nigeria. All Countries have it own problems, UK itself is not heaven. You think UK border agency will not do it investigation properly, you are deceiving yourself. Alot of woman in the UK, always think they can use short cut to have indefinite stay. It is not true.
    Sometimes ago like a year now, a young professional come to the UK with his family on a student visa and before you know it the family have cooked up stories to get the guy in trouble with the Police and the guy was arrested and the woman was held bound to send the poor guy to prison for her to get indefinite stay based on domestic violence. And she said that if she goes back to Nigeria, her husband is going to kill her and the kids. God did not allow her plan to work, can you imagine that. She is learned with a masters.
    Finally, i wish you all the best, what i dont like is people using Nigeria to step to get indefinite stay, please.

  2. Ojay

    April 25, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    You are right olowo, but our government in Nigeria is not given us reason to believe that we have future here in Nigeria, is it the fraud and embezzlement they commit on daily biases we would talk about or the killing/crime that is going on daily in Nigeria where innocent people are been massacre in Nigeria? when you leave in an environment that give you peace and rest of mind moreover sense of belonging where justice work you will not want to leave that area let be sincere there is no peace in Nigeria even if you are not leaving in the north were boko haram operate, what about other part of the country if not kidnapings or ritualism, rape, assault etc. pls she might have her reason for what she did but it doesn’t wort taken her live.

  3. Cross

    April 28, 2013 at 9:01 am

    The fact is true that people decieve themselves thinking UK offers any good,what u get is stable life to plan,in Nigeria u can plan such, iv lived in the UK for 5years and still cannot trade my stay in Nigeria with a Masters degree and the pride in it to the low life I get subjected to in the UK, truth is the shame of coming back after many fake lies to their brothers and families about the life they have there,people wants to come back but hates to think they are coming with nothing after donkey years in the UK and Europe,cos unless u do frude or illegal jobs there u can never make such lump sum to come establish urself here in Nigeris. Think of it,why does it take one big hit for anyone in europe to make and run home to invest?that because there is never an everyday hit,so one waits till he gets that big one and he runs back..let’s structure a way to make it easy for people there to come back..its better here,only if u get the kind of job u deserve.

  4. Olowo

    May 8, 2013 at 2:41 am

    Thank you Cross, where are even the good jobs for a black man. Not long ago, a friend applied for a post and he was not selected for interview and after making some enquiries, he was told that over 90 people submitted application for the job. This is a job that the requirement is a PhD. Then i begin to laugh at people with the objective is to stay in the UK at all cost. They should also have in mind that is it not like before. The Govt is changing the benefit system and it is not as business as usual. When the Europeans are not even allowed the come into the UK now, i dont think, they will be any short cut for Africans here by selling their birth right in their course to obtain indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Ojah stated the insercurity in Nigeria, however, i think it is a global issue not Nigeria only.

    So for you to be above board like Cross said, you have to be doing illegal things. Like faking benefits and laying to get a council house and some Nigerian in London collect benefits in two countries. People live a borrowed life in the UK, everything is a credit cards and loans. As you are working in this year, you are paying for later year’s debt, Life is not a bed of roses.

    Note that i m not against people stay in the UK vut no at the expence of Nigeria. Can i say this that having a british passpost in not a necessary condition for success.

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