Mercy Aigbe’s video response to Stella Dimoko

Mercy Aigbe1In a classical rabble rousing style of Mrs. Stella Dimoko-Korkus, she did a rejoinder to the press release issued by Mercy Aigbe on what actually happened on Sunday when celebrated actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry was hosted by Oodua TV. Stella claimed that the dress Mercy wore to the event was missing. She also claimed that Mr. Gentry caught her in a night gown alone in a hotel room, dragged her from the room, and pummeled her on getting home for her “offences” and family members called a meeting to plead for Mercy.

Mercy is responding with this video and taking on Stella’s ‘strong evidences’.

We are responding to Stella for the following reasons:

1.       When a lie gets repeated too often, some undiscerning people take it as the truth.

2.      Mercy has an obligation to tell her fans the truth.

3.      It is when we allow people that lie with gusto and shamelessly defend it get away with it that they are emboldened to tell more lies.

4.      A lot of people who know the truth called that we should let Mrs. Dimoko Korkus be; as everyone knows her as a trouble-maker, they believe the truth will eventually prevail. But how will the truth prevail when people who know the truth chose silence because a “trouble maker” is involved? Today we are choosing to stand for the truth.

We believe Stella either has an axe to grind with Mrs. Gentry that we do not know of or someone deliberately misinformed her and she swallowed the fabricated lie hook, line and sinker. We wish Stella well and would like to give her a piece of advice, every source is not credible.

You can watch the video on youtube: